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Moles are common to mainland Britain, particularly areas of permanent grassland such as private lawns and gardens, golf courses, parks and playing fields. They have a highly developed sense of touch and hearing even though they no external ear flaps. Their bodies are cylindrical, 12-16 cm long from nose to tail and they weigh 70-110g.Each mo...
Moles are common to mainland Britain, particularly areas of permanent grassland such as private lawns and gardens, golf courses, parks and playing fields. They have a highly developed sense of touch and hearing even though they no external ear flaps. Their bodies are cylindrical, 12-16 cm long from nose to tail and they weigh 70-110g.Each mole inhabits its own underground tunnel system covering an area 400-2000 square metres. It patrols these tunnels on a regular cycle searching out food such as earthworms and grubs for a period of 4 hours then resting for 3 hours. The mole is most active just after sunrise and again just before sunset.The mole's breeding season is from February to June each year and litters of young will leave the nest at 5 weeks old. Moles often damage the roots of seedlings and plants causing them to wilt and die, in addition, mole hills can cause severe damage to machines such as lawn mowers.Worms are the mole's major foodstuff and each mole must find around 200 worms a day to survive. Moles can produce as many as 1.5 hills a day, each hill containing roughly 5 litres of loose soil. Males and female moles live apart most the year, but in breeding season males dig over large areas in search of a mate. Moles can create 20 metres of fresh tunnels every day. Less
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  • Solar Powered Mole Repeller

    The solar powered mole repeller discharges a sonic pulse into the earth every 50 seconds creating a mole deterrent effect. The mole considers the noise from the mole repeller to be a threat and moves away. Simple mole control. The continuous disturbance is designed to repel the mole without harming it. Coverage of up to 15m radius. (Over 700 sq.m)...

  • Humane Mole Trap

    A simple to use humane mole trap allowing the live capture and easy release of moles. Once placed in mole tunnel, the mole enters the trap through a one way flap door and is unable to escape until released. Humane mole control. Reusable time and time again. No poison to harm non-target creatures. An eco-friendly solution to get rid of moles from your...

  • Scissor Claw Mole Trap

    Mole scissor trap offering a quick solution to get rid of moles from the garden. Well proven design of mole trap. Straightforward & easy to use. Safe. Strong spring action. Galvanised for rust-free durability allowing use in all weathers.

  • Tunnel Mole Trap

    Tunnel mole trap designed to catch & kill moles quickly & effectively. Protect your lawn and garden with this fast, easy to use mole trap. Fast & effective mole control. Ideal for getting rid of moles from the garden. Easy to set. Safe to use Strong spring action and galvanised for rust-free durability in all garden conditions.

  • Mole Smokes

    Mole Smokes combine natural castor oil with a fuse-lit smoke cannister creating an effective mole deterrent within the mole tunnels.Use in vulnerable areas such as seedbeds, lawns, meadows and parks providing a natural mole repellent & organic method of mole control. Castor oil forms a physical barrier over the surface of treated tunnels, tainting...

  • Scissor Mole Trap

    Scissor mole trap to catch & kill moles to protect garden & lawn areas. Very effective in the battle to get rid of moles. Easy to use scissor action mole trap. Protect your garden & lawn from unwanted mole pests. Easy to set. Safe to use. Strong spring action. Galvanised for rust-free durability. Designed to catch moles trouble free for years.

  • Mole Repellent Scatter Granules

    Use mole repellent scatter granules to treat mole tunnels and deter moles without harm. Mole repellent scatter granules combine natural castor oil with biodegradable granules for the effective treatment of mole tunnels in vulnerable areas such as seed beds, lawns, meadows and parks. The castor oil penetrates down into the tunnels and surrounding earth,...

  • Sonic Mole Repeller

    The sonic mole repeller works by emitting vibrations that travel through the soil making moles believe an intruder is present, encouraging them to leave the area. The vibrations, which sound like a buzzing noise when the repeller is out of the ground, occur roughly every 20 seconds and continue to do so until the batteries require replacing, approx. 3-4...

  • Anti Mole Bulbs

    SORK Anti mole bulbs. These special bulbs produce a scent that is not detectable by humans but makes moles move away. Supplied in a box of 10 bulbs, enough to protect up to 500 square metres. 100% natural - no harmful chemicals. Can be planted all year round in any soil with good drainage. Effective for up to 2 years. Makes moles disappear naturally.

  • EasySet Mole Trap

    It doesn't get any easier than setting the EasySet mole trap. If you've ever struggled with setting a conventional mole trap, you'll really appreciate the simplicity of this trap. The British made device has a single plunger which is pressed down and clicks into place arming the trap ready for action. When the trap is triggered, the plunger returns to...


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