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Fox Control

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Fox repeller, fox deterrent & fox control products.
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  • Pestfree Ultrasonic Pest Deterrent

    Pestfree - an ultrasonic deterrent system to keep unwanted pests out of the garden. From the manufacturer of CatWatch, the Pestfree is a deterrent device using multiple ultrasonic frequencies to deter cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits and martens. Although inaudible to humans, the Pestfree emits powerful 10 second blasts of high frequency sound that pests find...

    £24.96 tax excl.
  • Mercury Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

    Outdoor ultrasonic animal repeller with motion activation. Keep pests off the garden, patio, driveway and other areas. The PIR motion sensor detects when pests are present and triggers ultrasonic sound output and a red LED to drive them away. Use against: mice rats cats squirrels foxes badgers Mount in the ground, on a fence or wall - ground spike...

    £11.63 tax excl.
  • Nite Eyes Solar Badger & Fox Repeller

    As seen on BBC TV's Countryfile. Keep an eye out for your livestock & poulty with the unique Solar Predator Protection System. A flash of light implies to all animals that hunt or feed at night that they have been discovered or are being watched. This is their deepest fear and forces them to flee the area. When used properly, the Solar Predator...

    £22.00 tax excl.
  • PestFree+ Ultrasonic Deterrent

    Building on the success of the Pestfree Ultrasonic Repeller, Concept Research have released the Pestfree+ which features LEDs in addition to the ultrasonic deterrent. When triggered, the LEDs light up making the intruder believe there is another creature present and make a retreat to safety. Use against cats, foxes and martens. Harmless to all creatures...

    £33.29 tax excl.
  • Jet Spray Pest Repeller

    The Jet Spray Pest Repeller deters pests from gardens, lawns, seedbeds, ponds, hen pens and other vulnerable areas. Intruders are detected and a jet of water is sprayed up to 10 metres in a 120 degree arc. (this is adjustable). Use against foxes, badgers, dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, herons and other birds. Easy set up using standard hose connectors...

    £23.33 tax excl.
  • FoxWatch Fox Deterrent

    The ultimate fox deterrent. Make your garden a fox free zone with with Britain's most effective fox repeller. Foxwatch will rid your home & garden of foxes 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. One Foxwatch unit will protect an area of up to 125 square metres. Extremely effective against foxes - no more fouling or damage. Years of painstaking research...

    £45.79 tax excl.
  • Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Repeller

    New from Pest-Stop, the Outdoor Pest Repeller for all types of pest including mice, rats, birds, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, cats, dogs and badgers. Three settings allow the choice of pest to be deterred using ultrasonic sound at frequencies too high to be heard by humans. Choice of PIR activation or timed operation. Wall bracket and ground mounting stake...

    £24.96 tax excl.
  • Cat Repellent

    Defenders Cat Repellent is an effective repellent to deter cats and dogs from fouling in and around the garden. As well as a dog & cat deterrent, Defenders Cat Repellent also gives protection against damage caused by deer, foxes, rabbits, badgers & other wild animals and birds. Soluble formula. Pack contains 2 x 50g sachets each of which will make...

    £4.13 tax excl.
  • MP2F Fox & Badger Repeller

    The MP2F is a powerful badger and fox repeller that uses two different methods to deter garden pests.Powerful, constantly varying ultrasonic sound is emitted from two speakers to deter foxes, badgers, cats & dogs by causing irritation and discomfort from the high frequencies.In addition, the MP2F features two red LEDs that flash to mimic the eyes of...

    £149.96 tax excl.
  • MP1 Ultrasonic Fox & Badger Repeller

    Powerful badger & fox repeller featuring two different types of deterrent methods. The MP1F emits a high level of constantly varying ultrasonic sound to deter foxes, badgers, cats & dogs by causing irritation and auditory discomfort. In addition to sound, the MP1F features two flashing red LEDs, creating fear by making the creatures believe there...

    £132.50 tax excl.
  • CatWatch Extension Lead

    10 Metre Extension Lead for CatWatch & FoxWatch. Allows you to increase the distance between the Mains Adaptor and the Catwatch or Foxwatch. unit. Up to 3 additional leads can be used without any loss of power. 

    £5.00 tax excl.
  • Catwatch, Foxwatch, Catfree & Pestfree Mains Adapter

    For powering Catwatch, Foxwatch, Catfree and PestFree from the mains. Increases the power output of the units by 30%. Comes with a 10 metre (32 feet) lead. Maintains operation at peak efficiency as opposed to the declining power output of batteries. Costs just a few pence per month to run.

    £14.50 tax excl.
  • Rabbit Repellent

    Defenders rabbit & wild animal repellent is an effective repellent to give protection against damage caused by rabbits and other wild animals & birds. Can be used on growing plants at all stages of growth whenever damage is observed. Safe for children & pets once contact area has dried. 1 sachet makes 9 litres which is enough to treat up to 32 sq. metres.

    £4.16 tax excl.
  • Pest-Stop Universal Power Kit

    Mains power kit for Pest-Stop Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Repeller. Kit contains: Mains adapter 10m extension lead UK plug fitted, EU adapter included.

    £14.13 tax excl.

Bird Scarer Manufacturer, Supplier of Bird Control and Pest Control Devices

Martley Electronics, a top resource for pest control devices. Dealing with the hassles of unwanted pests can be easier using the latest electronic solutions, there are new technologies in pest control often more humane and less intrusive than was previously available.

Martley Electronics has been manufacturing bird scarers and other pest repeller devices since the early 1990’s, giving us over two decades of experience helping you with your pest problems. Our bird scarer range has evolved through the years with all machines being designed and manufactured in the UK and shipped to users with pest or bird control problems all over the world.

Every pest control issue is different. Perhaps you need to scare away feathered intruders without disturbing humans or other animals—if this is the case, our silent bird repellers may be the right solution for you. These use high frequency or ultrasonic sound to scare away birds without adding noise pollution.

Bird scaring is not the only problem we offer solutions for, we have devices for cats, badgers, rats & mice, foxes, moles and many other types of common pest, also wireless security devices that help protect your property from human intruders too.

Shopping with Martley just makes sense. We are a family-run business that offers friendly, personal service and will work with you to satisfy all your pest control needs. We make every effort to offer low prices, and affordable shipping options.

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