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Fly Killers

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Martley have been selling electric fly killer machines online for more than 10 years.

The range of fly killers we sell is diverse with fly killing machines to suit many applications, whether it is a small lantern type bug zapper for a domestic kitchen or a large stainless steel IP rated electric killer for a warehouse or factory.

Take a lo...

Martley have been selling electric fly killer machines online for more than 10 years.

The range of fly killers we sell is diverse with fly killing machines to suit many applications, whether it is a small lantern type bug zapper for a domestic kitchen or a large stainless steel IP rated electric killer for a warehouse or factory.

Take a look at the different types on offer, we have electric grid fly killers, glue board fly killers, beautiful brushed stainless steel fly killers, plain white fly killers, IP rated fly killers and many more please feel free to contact us by email or telephone should you require help deciding which is the best fly killer for you.

In addition, we stock many replacement fly killer tubes and replacement fly killer glue boards, if you are struggling to find replacement parts for your electric fly killer, please contact us for help.

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  • X-Fly 1 Glue Board Fly Killer

    The X-FLY fly traps have been developed and manufactured in the UK by Insect a Clear, one of Europe's leading insect control specialists. The design teams brief was to encompass effective, discreet fly control whilst using the latest technology. The perfect location for the X-FLY fly killer is on top of wall cupboards or high flat surfaces...

    £83.33 tax excl.
  • Fly Shield Solo Fly Killer

    Insect-a-Clear FlyShield Solo from a range of lightweight, powerful eco friendly fly traps with modern styling offering great value insect pest control. The Solo fly killer has been specifically designed for discreet, stylish and effective insect pest control and is ideally suited not only for domestic fly control, but also for restaurants, reception...

    £49.96 tax excl.
  • Insect a Clear FK02 Electric Fly Killer

    Quality British made steel body fly killer - Insect-a-Clear Compact 15. 15 watt lamp. British manufacture - parts will always be available. Shatter resistant option. All steel main case for long life, will not degrade like plastic cases. Suitable for wall mounting, suspending or free standing. (Please ask for chain if suspending.) Stainless steel killing...

    £83.29 tax excl.
  • Insect a Clear IP Rated Fly Killer T95-IP

    The Insect-a-clear T95-IP fly killer has been designed to offer effective insect control up to 180 sq.m in damp and high humidity areas or where frequent cleaning operations causes splashing. The T95-IP conforms to the waterproof rating IPX5 and, after switching the power off, can be hosed down using a low pressure hose. The fly killer can be wall...

    £249.00 tax excl.
  • Fly Killer 15W Bulb T5

    Electric fly killer replacement ultraviolet tube. Straight tube - two pins each end. 15 watts. T5 type tube. Dimensions: 12" x 5/8" diameter (300 x 16mm). Shatter resistant option. Suitable for: Insect a Clear Compact 15W Insect a Clear FK02 Insect a Clear Compact 30W

    £9.00 tax excl.
  • GLU-90 Glue Board Pack

    Glu-90 fly killer replacement glueboard 6 pack.

    £38.00 tax excl.
  • X-FLY 2 Glueboard Fly Killer

    X-FLY 2 is not only suitable for the domestic kitchen - it is also a very effective fly control machine covering up to 140m sq. and is ideal for commercial premises. The Insect-a-Clear X-Fly fly traps have been designed be attractive & discreet in appearance whilst efficient at catching flies & insects. Just as with the smaller X-Fly 1, the...

    £104.13 tax excl.
  • GLU-60 30 watt Fly Killer Trap

    The Insect-a-clear GLU-60 is an excellent alternative to conventional high voltage grid fly traps. Rated at IP65 making it ideal for wet areas. The concept of glue board fly traps is widely accepted by environmental health officers and hygiene managers and often preferred. The flying insects are attracted to the GLU-60 by two, 15 watt UV tubes that is...

    £154.13 tax excl.
  • Circline 22W Fly Killer Tube

    Replacement ultraviolet circline lamp for Fly Killer. Circular - 4 pin connection. 22 watts. Available as shatter resistant. Dimensions: 8" (200mm) circular. Suitable for: Compact Circline FK03 T50-22W T100-44W

    £10.00 tax excl.
  • GLU-60 Glue Board Pack

    Glu-60 fly killer replacement glue board 6 pack.

    £33.00 tax excl.
  • GLU-90 Stainless Covers

    GLU-90 fly killer stainless covers for glue trays.

    £26.00 tax excl.
  • Vanquish Fly Killer

    Sleek, stylish, hygiene control. Insect-a-Clear Vanquish, one of the new breed of fly traps is a slim-line, discreet yet very efficient glue board fly killer. 2 x 36w high attraction, energy saver lamps and fully electronic lighting gear ensures low power consumption and negates the need for separate starters. In addition, the super sized glue board of...

    £162.46 tax excl.
  • Fusion 4 Glueboard Fly Killer Trap

    The Insect-a-Clear Fusion fly traps share a unique feature, double sided glue boards, offering a high catch rate and huge area to catch & kill flies. Particularly suitable for areas where electric grid machines pose too much of a risk to use, such as stables, loft & attic areas. Also, where hygiene is essential, the Fusion with it's pheromone...

    £183.29 tax excl.
  • Insect a Clear Compact Circline Fly Killer

    Insect-a-Clear Compact Circline 22W Fly Killer. Quality steel cased British made electric grid uv-light fly killer. Powerful 22 watt circline lamp providing high attraction rates. The steel case means this unit will not degrade like plastic bodied fly killers due to constant exposure to ultra-violet light. In addition, replacement lamps and other parts...

    £101.24 tax excl.
  • Vanquish Glue Board Pack

    Replacement glue board 6 pack to fit Insect a Clear Vanquish fly killer.

    £36.00 tax excl.
  • Cluster Fly Tray

    The cluster fly tray is an enlarged catch tray suitable for use with the following machines: T35-15W T65-30W T80-30W T100-44W T160-60W   Constructed from stainless steel.   Dealing with cluster flies.

    £45.79 tax excl.
  • Fusion 2 Fly Killer Trap

    Unusual amongst fly traps, the Insect-a-Clear Fusion 2 fly killer machine features double sided glueboards offering double the fly catch rate. Designed for those industries where hygiene is absolutely vital, the Fusion with it's pheromone impregnated glue board eliminates any risk of fly debris, providing total safety in food preparation areas. Not only...

    £137.46 tax excl.
  • 8W U Shape Fly Killer Bulb

    Replacement ultra-violet U shape fly killer tube. 8 watts. U shape. 4 pin connector. Dimensions: 150mm (6in) long including pins, 20mm dia. tube. Suitable for: Protect-a-lite 8FK01 Lamp markings: FUL8 T6 BL

    £6.08 tax excl.
  • FlyCheck Fly Killer Glue Board Pack

    FlyCheck fly killer replacement glue board 6 pack.

    £26.00 tax excl.
  • Vulcan Fly Killer

    A new addition to the Insect a Clear range, the technologically advanced Vulcan fly killer is fully electronic, with power consumption being kept to an absolute minimum, a worthwhile consideration in this time of rising energy costs. The Vulcan is fitted with high intensity Philips Master Actinic lamps giving a high level of attraction, either 2 lamps...

    £133.29 tax excl.
  • Fly Shield Two Fly Killer

    Part of the Insect-a-Clear FlyShield range of fly traps, similar in design to the Fly Shield One fly killer but featuring two 18 watt energy saving lamps and a larger glue board offering a larger area of coverage and greater insect catch capacity. Ideal fly killer for use in restaurants, supermarkets, reception areas and serveries whilst also being...

    £102.46 tax excl.
  • Fusion 4 Glue Board Pack

    Fusion 4 fly killer replacement glue board 6 pack.

    £34.74 tax excl.
  • Fly Shield Four Fly Killer

    Largest of the Insect-a-Clear Fly Shield fly traps. Stainless steel glueboard fly killer offering huge glue board area. Stylish contemporary fly killer design - stainless steel construction. Similar in design to the Fly Shield One and FlyShield Two fly traps, but incorportating four 18 watt energy saving lamps and a huge amount of glue board area, (2800...

    £149.96 tax excl.
  • Fly Killer 18W Tube

    18 watt energy saving ultraviolet fly killer bulb. Two straight tubes - joined. PL-L Compact Fluorescent 18 W/78 Dimensions: length 9.75" (225mm) including pins, tube diameter 3/4" (19mm). Standard or shatter resistant. Suitable for: Fly Shield One Fly Shield Two Fly Shield Four X-Fly 1 X-Fly 2 Lantern fly killer Wall Fly Fusion 2 Fusion 4

    £10.41 tax excl.

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