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Crawling Insects

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Cockroaches, fleas, aphids, bed bugs, lice, etc.
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  • Cockroach Trap 6 Pack

    6 pack of cockroach traps ideal for cockroaches, woodlice and earwigs. The Cockroach trap is designed for the control of insects such as cockroaches, woodlice and earwigs in homes and commercial premises. Each trap fits flush against walls and counters and is designed with multiple entry points to deliver maximum catch rate. Baited ready-to-use value...

    £3.40 tax excl.
  • Ant & Crawling Insect Killer

    Zero In Ant & Crawling Insect Killer is an easy way to clear ants and other crawling insects from garden areas. 2 soluble sachets make 5 litres – 5 times better value than typical RTU sprays. Kills ants at source in patios, paving and gardens. Children & animals need not be excluded from treated areas once dry.Works on ants, cockroaches,...

    £4.13 tax excl.
  • Bed Bug Killer

    Zero In Bed bug killer is extremely effective in controlling bed bugs offering long term protection against the pests. Suitable for protecting mattresses, beds and bedroom furniture. Long-term bed bug protection - more than 12 months. Natural floral fragrance for a fresh scent in the home. 300 ml aerosol. Active ingredient is Deltamethrin.Always read the...

    £4.96 tax excl.
  • Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Small House

    Pest repeller for small house by Pest-Stop. Targets rats, mice and most crawling insects. Unique STOP/START cycle to help repel pests. Eco friendly - less energy use Contemporary, slim, discreet design. Ultrasonic and electromagnetic settings. Pet safe setting for rodent pets. New frequencies to disrupt mice and rat pests. 2500sq foot coverage. 1 large...

    £12.46 tax excl.
  • Insecto Pro Formula Insect Fogger

    Automatic one shot fogger for the control of fleas, flies, cluster flies, moths, mosquitos,  bedbugs, cockroaches and all other flying and crawling insects. Automatically kills all known insects. A replacement for Lodi Insectaclear Power Fogger which was withdrawn due to biocide law changes. As used by professionals. Ideal alternative to smoke bombs &...

    £9.96 tax excl.
  • Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Large House

    Ultrasonic & electromagnetic pest repeller for large house by Pest-Stop. Covers up to 4000 square feet. Use to deter rats, mice, crawling insects (ants, cockroaches, etc) and spiders. The repeller uses two different deterrent effects: ultrasonic sound and electromagnetic. Ultrasonic sound is emitted from the two speakers on the front and will help...

    £16.66 tax excl.
  • Organ-X Pro Insect Freeze Spray

    100% Natural. Organ-X Pro Cryo Freeze Spray is completely free of chemicals, toxins & pesticides and is odourless & non-staining. The liquid sprays from the aerosol at -40 degrees, insects are immediately paralysed and freeze to death. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, kitchens, food environments, bedrooms and any areas where it is not safe to use...

    £10.50 tax excl.
  • Insecto Pro Formula Fly & Wasp Destroyer

    Probably the strongest Fly & Wasp spray on the UK market. Simply aim the spray toward the pest and it will be killed in an instant Fast knock-down spray to kill flies, wasps, moths & mosquitoes. Use as a space and surface spray. Very strong - targets all flying & crawling insects fast. 300 ml container. Please note: we cannot send aerosols by...

    £3.99 tax excl.

Bird Scarer Manufacturer, Supplier of Bird Control and Pest Control Devices

Martley Electronics, a top resource for pest control devices. Dealing with the hassles of unwanted pests can be easier using the latest electronic solutions, there are new technologies in pest control often more humane and less intrusive than was previously available.

Martley Electronics has been manufacturing bird scarers and other pest repeller devices since the early 1990’s, giving us over two decades of experience helping you with your pest problems. Our bird scarer range has evolved through the years with all machines being designed and manufactured in the UK and shipped to users with pest or bird control problems all over the world.

Every pest control issue is different. Perhaps you need to scare away feathered intruders without disturbing humans or other animals—if this is the case, our silent bird repellers may be the right solution for you. These use high frequency or ultrasonic sound to scare away birds without adding noise pollution.

Bird scaring is not the only problem we offer solutions for, we have devices for cats, badgers, rats & mice, foxes, moles and many other types of common pest, also wireless security devices that help protect your property from human intruders too.

Shopping with Martley just makes sense. We are a family-run business that offers friendly, personal service and will work with you to satisfy all your pest control needs. We make every effort to offer low prices, and affordable shipping options.

Next time you find yourself facing a pest control problem, do not feel like you have to face it alone. Contact Martley Electronics and let us help you find the right device that can rid you of whatever pest happens to be getting under your skin.