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List of products by manufacturer Martley Electronics

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  • Bird Repeller MP1B

    The MP1B is a single speaker, single box bird repeller device. It emits constantly varying ultrasonic sound to cause irritation to birds, encouraging them to move away from the area. The MP1B is also available with ultraviolet leds positioned around the speaker, as birds are able to see ultraviolet light we cannot, the random intervals of sequential...

    £121.70 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MP2B

    The MP2B bird repeller offers dual deterrent features, using high frequency or ultrasonic sound to cause auditory irritation and a strobe lamp that flashes randomly for brief intervals adding a visual deterrent. With such very sharp eyesight, the bright flash can cause momentary blindness creating a feeling of vulnerability in birds.A built in daylight...

    £166.66 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MP2UV

    The MP2UV features two speakers outputting powerful high frequency ultrasonic sound to cause the target creatures maximum discomfort and irritation encouraging them to move out of the area.In addition, ultraviolet LEDs flash sequentially at random intervals giving the impression of movement. Many bird species have sensitivity to ultraviolet light and the...

    £158.29 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MP3B

    The MP3B bird repeller is able to cover a greater area than either the MP1B or MP2B by emitting high frequency ultrasonic sound from four speakers, each facing a different direction.As birds have very sharp eyesight, a strobe lamp that flashes for short periods at random intervals adds a visual deterrent effect making this device ideal for use in larger...

    £295.00 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MP4B

    The MP4B bird repeller output from four speakers all pointing in the same direction creating a very intense deterrent effect.Effective up to 15m (50 ft) with no obstructions present.Easy to mount with ball and socket mounting allowing the device to angled towards the birds for best effect.10 metre power lead.Choice of mains or battery connection -...

    £295.00 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MP6B

    Similar in design to the 4 speaker MP3B, the MP6B features 6 speakers which are mounted on each side of the casing offering all round protection. The device projects powerful ultrasonic sound in each direction creating a very intense deterrent effect reaching up to approx. 15m (50ft) from the speakers. The single box design makes it easy to mount...

    £349.00 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MPS

    Multi speaker bird deterrent system.The MPS is a multi speaker bird repeller system using ultrasonic sound to cause discomfort to birds, encouraging them to move away from the area.The system can be configured with up to 4 speakers, having seperate speakers makes it easier to mount them to protect awkwardly shaped or obstructed areas which may not be...

    £159.00 tax excl.
  • BS 6 Indoor Starling Scarer

    The BS6 bird scarer is designed for indoor use to deter starlings. It consists of 2 speakers that bounce or ricochet sound between them giving the effect of movement. The speakers can be suspended or wall mounted facing each other with a 25 metre cable connecting them. The previous model BS6 was a dedicated Starling scarer, however the new model has the...

    £239.00 tax excl.
  • BS Marine Gull Scarer

    Developed in a marina, this gull scarer was designed as a seagull deterrent for use on boats to give protection without causing any problems of excess noise. These units produce a high level of high frequency sound which has been proven to be an effective deterrent against birds. In addition, they use a mimimal amount (4/5 short soundings per hour) of...

    £425.00 tax excl.
  • Cigar Lighter Plug Power Lead

    Cigar lighter plug power lead giving power from vehicle cigar lighter socket.

    £4.25 tax excl.
  • Coin Operated Hair Straighteners & Stylers

    Wall mounted hair straighteners & stylers working as a coin operated unit to generate income. Ideal for pubs, clubs, gymnasiums, health spas, hotels, leisure centres, etc Standard model features £1 (one pound) coin mechanism, other coin mechs including Euro available to special order.Valera Professional hair styler. No vending products to keep...

  • Garden Bird Song Player

    Listen to bird song in the garden or outdoor space all year round. The Martley Bird Song Player plays bird song recorded from birds in the wild. Choices include: Blackbird Blue Tit Chaffinch Goldfinch Great Tit House Sparrow Robin Song Thrush Wren Woodland mix Totally automatic operation. Built in daylight sensor switches the sound off at dusk and...

    £108.29 tax excl.
  • MP1 Ultrasonic Fox & Badger Repeller

    Powerful badger & fox repeller featuring two different types of deterrent methods. The MP1F emits a high level of constantly varying ultrasonic sound to deter foxes, badgers, cats & dogs by causing irritation and auditory discomfort. In addition to sound, the MP1F features two flashing red LEDs, creating fear by making the creatures believe there...

    £132.50 tax excl.
  • MP1R Ultrasonic Rodent Pest Repeller

    The MP1R emits a high level of constantly varying ultrasonic sound which is inaudible to humans but irritating to rodents encouraging them move away from the area. Designed for use inside or outside, the repeller has a bracket to allow fixing to a wall, fence, post, etc so that it can be aimed accurately at the target creatures or the area they are in....

    £121.70 tax excl.
  • MP2F Fox & Badger Repeller

    The MP2F is a powerful badger and fox repeller utilising two methods to deter garden pests.Powerful, constantly varying ultrasonic sound is emitted from two speakers to deter foxes, badgers, cats & dogs by causing irritation and discomfort from the high frequencies.In addition, two red LEDs flash to mimic the eyes of another creature, making the pest...

    £149.96 tax excl.
  • MPR10 ElectroMagnetic Rat & Mouse Repellent

    Plug in pest repeller that uses the wiring of your house to create a deterrent effect making it easier to get rid of mice and rats. The MPR10 uses the electromagnetic field that exists around all electrical wiring in a building to cause discomfort to a rat or mouse. Unlike an ultrasonic pest repeller which will only work in clear open space and cannot...

    £19.95 tax excl.
  • PestOff Heron Scarer

    The PestOff Heron Scarer comes from the long established and highly successful Predator bird scarer range. More sophisticated than a conventional bird scarer, the Heron Scarer incorporates a wireless receiver to receive signals from outdoor wireless PIRs. The weatherproof PIRs are placed around the water edge and transmits a signal when a heron is...

    £577.00 tax excl.
  • PestOff Predator Bird Scarer

    The Predator range is the latest in the long line of highly successful bird scarers from Martley Electronics building on years of experience of bird control. Digitally recorded real bird distress, alarm and predator sounds 10 pre-sets for species selection Automatic daylight sensor to ensure minimum noise pollution Volume control Strobe lamp visual...

    £289.00 tax excl.
  • Siren Alarm Padlock

    This ingenious device is not only a strong padlock but features a built in 105dB siren alarm.  The siren alarm sounds when the padlock detects shock or motion. Use on garden sheds, side gates, garages, bikes, tool boxes, lockers, trailers, caravans, etc. Resistant to physical abuse and tampering. Use with alarm or without alarm. Hot processed, hardened...

    £8.33 tax excl.
  • Swift Call Player

    Attract Swifts by playing actual Swift calls. For years Martley has produced machines designed for outdoor use to scare & deter birds by playing real bird distress and alarm calls, now this technology is being utilised to attract birds - in this case, Swifts. The Swift call sounds are stored electronically meaning they cannot be damaged or deleted and...

    £249.99 tax excl.
  • TV Aerial Bird Spike Kit

    A kit comprising of 1m or 2m of anti perch birds spikes with fixing ties. Birds can cause a nuisance by landing and perching on tv aerials, not only interfering with the tv signal but also creating an unsightly & unhygienic mess in the area below. The plastic bird spikes can be quickly and easily fixed to tv aerials using ties, this stops the birds...

    £5.79 tax excl.
  • Vinyl Gloves 4 Pack

    4 Pairs of vinyl gloves for use when handling rat & mouse poison bait or emptying traps.

    £1.00 tax excl.
  • VOX Adapter

    VOX adapter to allow motorcycle radio intercoms to be used in vox (voice activated) mode.

    £5.21 tax excl.

Bird Scarer Manufacturer, Supplier of Bird Control and Pest Control Devices

Martley Electronics, a top resource for pest control devices. Dealing with the hassles of unwanted pests can be easier using the latest electronic solutions, there are new technologies in pest control often more humane and less intrusive than was previously available.

Martley Electronics has been manufacturing bird scarers and other pest repeller devices since the early 1990’s, giving us over two decades of experience helping you with your pest problems. Our bird scarer range has evolved through the years with all machines being designed and manufactured in the UK and shipped to users with pest or bird control problems all over the world.

Every pest control issue is different. Perhaps you need to scare away feathered intruders without disturbing humans or other animals—if this is the case, our silent bird repellers may be the right solution for you. These use high frequency or ultrasonic sound to scare away birds without adding noise pollution.

Bird scaring is not the only problem we offer solutions for, we have devices for cats, badgers, rats & mice, foxes, moles and many other types of common pest, also wireless security devices that help protect your property from human intruders too.

Shopping with Martley just makes sense. We are a family-run business that offers friendly, personal service and will work with you to satisfy all your pest control needs. We make every effort to offer low prices, and affordable shipping options.

Next time you find yourself facing a pest control problem, do not feel like you have to face it alone. Contact Martley Electronics and let us help you find the right device that can rid you of whatever pest happens to be getting under your skin.