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Jones & Son
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  • Anti Perch Pigeon Spikes

    Anti perch bird spikes are a non-harmful deterrent control measure for birds up to pigeon size suitable for protecting all pigeon roosting sites such as gutters, pipes, window sills, ledges, TV aerials, signs, chimney stacks and roofs. Supplied in 13" length, one third of a metre. Cost effective bird control method. Manufactured from super strong Durolon...

    £1.80 tax excl.
  • Bird Spike Window Fixing Clips

    Window fixing clips for anti perch spikes. Fixing bird spikes to a window ledge can mean that windows are blocked from opening. Window Fixing Clips enable the bird spikes to be attached to the outside of the window allowing the window to be opened.

    £0.60 tax excl.
  • Cat Deterrent Spikes

    Narrow spikes to prevent cats from walking on walls, fences, sheds, trees, around ponds and anywhere you don't want cats. Cat deterrent spikes keep cats of your garden, the spikes are not designed to cause injury to the cat, simply to obstruct it. Cat spikes are easily installed - fix with adhesive, screws or nails. Cat spikes can be fitted to curved...

    £1.60 tax excl.
  • Chimney Pot Bird Spikes

    Simple but effective way to stop birds perching on chimney pots. New design offers an anti perch control measure over many types of bird. Designed for gulls, also effective against crows & pigeons. At 3.5 feet long (107cm) and very flexible, it will wrap around absolutely every shape and size of chimney pot, overlapping itself on smaller pots. The...

    £20.42 tax excl.
  • Gutter Mounting Clips for Bird Spikes

    Gutter mounting mounting clips to allow fixing of anti-perch spikes to guttering. 6 clips required per metre of bird spikes.

    £0.50 tax excl.
  • Narrow Bird Spikes Stainless Steel

    Bird spikes suitable for ledges up to 4 inches (100mm) wide, for wider ledges use the 8 inch spikes. Spikes are stainless steel 304 grade with a extremely durable Durolon polycarbonate base - a real quality product! 12 year warranty. Each strip is 13" long - one third of a metre. The base is easily fixed with adhesive, screws, nails or even cable...

    £1.75 tax excl.
  • Narrow Pigeon Spikes

    Narrow anti perch bird spikes suitable for use where normal bird spikes are too wide to be fitted. Manufactured from extremely durable Durolon ultra-violet stabilised polycarbonate. 10 year warranty. Sold in lengths of 13" - one third of a metre. Narrow span bird spikes ideally suited to protecting narrow ledges & spaces. A narrow all polycarbonate...

    £1.60 tax excl.
  • Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes

    Stainless steel spikes to prevent birds of pigeon size landing & perching. Sold in lengths of 13" - one third of a metre. The spike wires are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, whilst the base is ultra durable UV stabilised Durolon polycarbonate, a top quality product that will give many, many years of service. 12 year warranty. Suitable...

    £2.00 tax excl.

Bird Scarer Manufacturer, Supplier of Bird Control and Pest Control Devices

Martley Electronics, a top resource for pest control devices. Dealing with the hassles of unwanted pests can be easier using the latest electronic solutions, there are new technologies in pest control often more humane and less intrusive than was previously available.

Martley Electronics has been manufacturing bird scarers and other pest repeller devices since the early 1990’s, giving us over two decades of experience helping you with your pest problems. Our bird scarer range has evolved through the years with all machines being designed and manufactured in the UK and shipped to users with pest or bird control problems all over the world.

Every pest control issue is different. Perhaps you need to scare away feathered intruders without disturbing humans or other animals—if this is the case, our silent bird repellers may be the right solution for you. These use high frequency or ultrasonic sound to scare away birds without adding noise pollution.

Bird scaring is not the only problem we offer solutions for, we have devices for cats, badgers, rats & mice, foxes, moles and many other types of common pest, also wireless security devices that help protect your property from human intruders too.

Shopping with Martley just makes sense. We are a family-run business that offers friendly, personal service and will work with you to satisfy all your pest control needs. We make every effort to offer low prices, and affordable shipping options.

Next time you find yourself facing a pest control problem, do not feel like you have to face it alone. Contact Martley Electronics and let us help you find the right device that can rid you of whatever pest happens to be getting under your skin.