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  • Big Cheese Rotary Wind Powered Bird Scarer

    Wind powered rotating bird and animal repeller with reflective flash and predator eyes. Protects gardens, crops and property from wild bird damage using the rotary, wind powered bird scarer. The bird scarer combines continuous movement with a reflective flash and predator eyes to deliver a silent deterrent effect. Protects fruit and vegetable gardens,...

    £12.46 tax excl.
  • Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Large House

    Pest repeller for large house by Pest-Stop. Covers up to 4000 square feet. Use to deter rats, mice, crawling insects (ants, cockroaches, etc) and spiders. The repeller uses two different deterrent effects: ultrasonic sound and electromagnetic. Ultrasonic sound is emitted from the two speakers on the front and will help deter pests locally to the device....

    £16.66 tax excl.
  • Revolver Mouse Traps Twinpack

    Revolver Mouse Traps are a new way to control mice that means you never have to see or touch a dead mouse again. The mouse traps are easy to bait, easy to set and keep dead mice totally hidden from view. Revolver traps feature an at-a-glance catch indicator alerting you of a catch. Indoor and outdoor use. Pack of 2 mouse traps.

    £4.99 tax excl.
  • Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger

    Harness free power from the sun with an eco-friendly solar panel to keep batteries charged. 10 watt panel. Supplied ready for use with cabling and clips. Heavy duty anodized aluminium frame. Robust contruction for outdoor use. Weatherproof. Works in all daylight conditions.

    £41.63 tax excl.
  • Ultra Power XL Big Fly Stick

    The Big Fly Stick uses an aureola yellow colouring to attract flying insects to get stuck on the heavy duty adhesive surface. Throughout the summer the Big Stick will continue catching flies in and around the home, conservatory, greenhouse, stables, poultry & livestock units and anywhere flying insects cause a problem. Hang or use flat. 60 cm (24 in)...

    £4.58 tax excl.
  • Air Charm Automatic Air Freshener

    The battery operated Air Charm is probably one of the most economical automatic air freshener units on the market. Compact size and special air flow system for maximising the effectiveness of the fragrance gel, make it the ideal automatic air freshener for many applications. They are extensively used by washroom service companies. On average the gels last...

    £22.00 tax excl.
  • Bird Repeller MP3B

    The MP3B bird repeller is able to cover a greater area than either the MP1B or MP2B by emitting high frequency ultrasonic sound from four speakers, each facing a different direction.As birds have very sharp eyesight, a strobe lamp that flashes for short periods at random intervals adds a visual deterrent effect making this device ideal for use in larger...

    £295.00 tax excl.
  • Pest Controller Ultrasonic Indoor Mouse Deterrent

    Battery or mains powered ultrasonic indoor pest deterrent. As the Pest Controller can battery powered, it can be used in places where there is no mains power socket such as lofts, sheds, outbuildings, caravans and motorhomes. Protects your property by using ultrasonic sound, making mice avoid the area. It has also been reported that the Pestcontroller has...

    £15.79 tax excl.
  • Moth Killer Hanging Unit

    Moth Killer Hanging Unit works effectively against clothes moths, their larvae and eggs continuously for 6 months, protecting clothes in wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, suitcases & airing cupboards. No unpleasant smells, no drips and non-staining. The pack consisting of 2 units is sufficient for a wardrobe of approx. 2m high x 1m wide x 0.5m deep....

    £3.33 tax excl.
  • Outdoor Fly Trap Bag

    Fly Trap Bags are an outdoor product and ideal for use around patio, decking & garden areas. The bag is simple to use and just needs water adding to the attractant, which has the added benefit of being virtually odourless. Once the bag is full, it can be easily sealed and disposed of.Ideal for use around barbecues. Use on patios, decking and...

    £4.00 tax excl.
  • Herbal Clothes Moth Repeller

    Herbal Clothes Moth Repeller from Zero In is an all-natural blend of organic herbs to deter moths. The natural aroma will repel moths and leave you garments smelling fresh all year round without any need for chemical moth balls. 12 sachets per pack. No chemical sprays. No moth ball odours.

    £2.91 tax excl.
  • Megaphone 085

    Extra lightweight Megaphone 20W Max. with siren & whistle. A powerful and durable megaphone with the added advantage of light weight making it ideal for long or regular use. Featuring a pistol grip and microphone fixed at the rear of the horn, this powerful megaphone can project a clear sound up to a distance of 1km depending upon conditions. Piezo...

    £39.96 tax excl.
  • FlyShield One Glueboard 6 pack

    Replacement glue board pack for Fly Shield One and Coffee Time fly killer. 6 glue boards per pack. Choice of blue for standard Fly Shield One and yellow for Coffee Time.

    £18.00 tax excl.
  • Humane Mole Trap

    A simple to use humane mole trap allowing the live capture and easy release of moles. Once placed in mole tunnel, the mole enters the trap through a one way flap door and is unable to escape until released. Humane mole control. Reusable time and time again. No poison to harm non-target creatures. An eco-friendly solution to get rid of moles from your garden.

    £4.99 tax excl.
  • Chimney Pot Bird Spikes

    Simple but effective way to stop birds perching on chimney pots. New design offers an anti perch control measure over many types of bird. Designed for gulls, also effective against crows & pigeons. At 3.5 feet long (107cm) and very flexible, it will wrap around absolutely every shape and size of chimney pot, overlapping itself on smaller pots. The...

    £20.42 tax excl.
  • Pest-Stop Sticky Fly Paper

    Powerful sticky fly papers to catch flies and other flying insect pests. Simple to use. Highly effective form of insect pest control. No pesticides. Safe for humans and pets. 4 fly papers per pack. Multi buy discount.

    £1.66 tax excl.
  • Lockable Mouse Bait Station

    Lockable mouse bait station for the safe dispensing of mouse bait. Suitable for use indoors or out Indoor or outdoor use Restricts access to poison by non-target creatures Does not include bait

    £2.49 tax excl.
  • Cockroach Trap 6 Pack

    6 pack of cockroach traps ideal for cockroaches, woodlice and earwigs. The Cockroach trap is designed for the control of insects such as cockroaches, woodlice and earwigs in homes and commercial premises. Each trap fits flush against walls and counters and is designed with multiple entry points to deliver maximum catch rate. Baited ready-to-use value...

    £3.40 tax excl.
  • Bird Spike Fixing Adhesive

    High quality industry standard bird spike fixing adhesive. Silirub 2 is a high quality anti perch bird spike fixing adhesive that will allow the fixing of bird spikes to many different surfaces. One tube will fix up to approximately 9m of bird spikes.

    £5.53 tax excl.
  • Baitless Mouse Trap

    No need to see or touch mice with the Baitless Mouse Trap. Unlike most other mouse traps, the Baitless Mouse Trap does not require bait and so does not uneccessarily attract mice. Safe and easy to use - clean and convenient. No need to see or touch the mouse. The Baitless Mouse Trap is a sealed box housing an internal back breaker mechanism with an...

    £6.66 tax excl.
  • Bell Fly Trap 3 Pack Bell Fly Trap 3 Pack
    Bell Fly Trap 3 Pack

    Sticky fly strip insect catcher for indoor and outdoor areas. Irresistible aureola-yellow attracts and kills most flying and biting insects. 70cm (28") ribbon with self-adhesive hang tab for easy use. Contemporary design suitable for use in any home environment.

    £3.49 £5.10 -£1.61
    £2.91 tax excl.
  • ChatterBox Motorcycle Intercom

    Wired intercom allowing motorbike rider to talk to pillion passenger. 2 helmet kits and 1 vox operated intercom box with on/off volume control. Motorcycle rider and pillion can talk hands free. Compete with comfortable earpiece & microphone suitable for open or closed helmets. Includes LED indication and volume control. Runs on 4 AAA batteries...

    £14.96 tax excl.
  • Fly Killer 15W Bulb T5

    Electric fly killer replacement ultraviolet tube. Straight tube - two pins each end. 15 watts. T5 type tube. Dimensions: 12" x 5/8" diameter (300 x 16mm). Shatter resistant option. Suitable for: Insect a Clear Compact 15W Insect a Clear FK02 Insect a Clear Compact 30W

    £9.00 tax excl.
  • Detector Outdoor PIR

    Weatherproof wireless PIR detector for outdoor use suitable for protecting buildings, machinery, oil tanks, etc also as an entry or driveway alarm. The detector uses infra red beams to detect intruders and is offered with a choice of 3 beam patterns: Corridor: a long thin beam of up to 30m running parallel to the ground, this can be mounted approximately...

    £179.00 tax excl.

Bird Scarer Manufacturer, Supplier of Bird Control and Pest Control Devices

Martley Electronics, a top resource for pest control devices. Dealing with the hassles of unwanted pests can be easier using the latest electronic solutions, there are new technologies in pest control often more humane and less intrusive than was previously available.

Martley Electronics has been manufacturing bird scarers and other pest repeller devices since the early 1990’s, giving us over two decades of experience helping you with your pest problems. Our bird scarer range has evolved through the years with all machines being designed and manufactured in the UK and shipped to users with pest or bird control problems all over the world.

Every pest control issue is different. Perhaps you need to scare away feathered intruders without disturbing humans or other animals—if this is the case, our silent bird repellers may be the right solution for you. These use high frequency or ultrasonic sound to scare away birds without adding noise pollution.

Bird scaring is not the only problem we offer solutions for, we have devices for cats, badgers, rats & mice, foxes, moles and many other types of common pest, also wireless security devices that help protect your property from human intruders too.

Shopping with Martley just makes sense. We are a family-run business that offers friendly, personal service and will work with you to satisfy all your pest control needs. We make every effort to offer low prices, and affordable shipping options.

Next time you find yourself facing a pest control problem, do not feel like you have to face it alone. Contact Martley Electronics and let us help you find the right device that can rid you of whatever pest happens to be getting under your skin.