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Audible Bird Scarers

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All Martley audible bird scarers are designed and built in the UK, they are very effective on many bird species using a variety of deterrent effects. Birds have excellent eye sight, typically 8 times better than a young person and our audible bird scarers exploit this with a 100 hertz strobe light, which, depending on the model, flashes when sounding. On silent units it is programmed for intermittent use.

Sound is useful as it alerts the bird to look at the flash, which improves the efficacy. What is most important is the sound, birds soon get used to loud bangs, distress calls often attract other birds to find out what's happening, and see if there's a free meal in some cases!

Depending on the problem, Martley's range include alarm, distress and predator cries broadcast at totally randomised timings, all automatically, and with a volume control. Synthesised sounds can also be switched into operation, which are useful on some pests. All audible bird scarers have this option plus a daylight sensor to disable the sound through the hours of darkness or through daylight hours depending on requirements.

When sound cannot be used it may be possible to use an inaudible, high frequency sound device from our range of silent bird scarers.

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