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Martley Bird Repeller MP1B

Bird Repeller MP1B

Reference: MP1B

Bird repellent using high frequency & ultrasonic sound to repel and deter birds, also available with option of ultraviolet LEDs to add a visual deterrent effect.

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The MP1B is a single speaker, single box bird repeller device. It emits constantly varying ultrasonic sound to cause irritation to birds, encouraging them to move away from the area.

The MP1B is also available with ultra-violet leds positioned around the speaker, as birds are able to see ultraviolet light we cannot, the random intervals of sequential flashing creates an impression of movement unsettling the birds.

An integrated daylight sensor allows the unit to work in various modes: during daylight, during darkness or continuously.

The MP1B is suitable for simple installations where the repeller has a clear line of sight of the birds, this is important as ultrasonic sound will not pass through any type of solid object.

Designed for outdoor or indoor use, the MP1B is effective up to 50ft (15m) from the speaker and is supplied ready for use with a mounting bracket which allows the deterrent device to be mounted and accurately aimed at the birds or the area to be protected.

The power cable is protected against water ingress and 10m long allowing ample length for it to be lead to the power supply in the dry.

The MP1B is supplied with a mains adapter or battery connections should a mains supply not be available.

If using a battery to power the MP1B then use a 12V car or leisure type, either will work but leisure batteries are more suited to this kind of use, and whilst any size of battery will work, consider using a 50ah or greater capacity, this is particularly important if using a solar charger.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Martley Bird Repeller MP1B


W150 x H120 x D80 mm plus bracket
Lead length
Multiple mounting options with supplied bracket
Power input
12V DC from a battery or mains adapter
Warranty period
1 Year
550g excluding power supply


15th October 2019
Bill L.
It works!
Have to say I was sceptical, but we have had a huge problem with pigeons nesting on the solar panels on our roof. I decided it was worth trying this device before resorting to the huge expense of covering the roof with mesh. It works! age birds have only returned to the very edge of the solar panels where, I assume, the sound is weaker, but this is not a problem. Seems a lot of money for what its is, but it's saved me almost £1000!
21st November 2017
Alan F.
MP1B Performance
This unit replaced an earlier Martley Repeller, that I had purchased many years ago and was pleased with its performance, so it made sense to purchase another! The new MP1B cleared roosting birds from the eaves within 48 hours. Many thanks, no more 4am calls from sparrows with boots on!
22nd January 2016
Marian R.
Sonic bird repeller - so glad I found it online!
This item is amazing. Its great for deterring the birds, who sit in a tree at the front of my home, and mess up the cars, driveway and footpath! The high pitched sound can be heard slightly by most people under 45, but they've said its not too annoying to their ears. There's a TPO on the tree, so I can't easily cut down the branches the birds are roosting on, without having a huge bill for a tree surgeon and applying for permission from the Council etc! The price of this item is excellent in comparison, and I highly recommend investing in the bird repeller if you've tried other methods and failed! I'll definitely buy another if this one wears out! Thank you to whoever invented it.. you've solved a huge problem for me.. I no longer have to wash the car and footpath every other day! x
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