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Martley Bird Repeller MP6B

Bird Repeller MP6B

Reference: MP6B

Six speaker bird repeller using powerful high frequency & ultrasonic sound, projected in all directions to create a bird deterrent effect.

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Similar in design to the 4 speaker MP3B, the MP6B features 6 speakers which are mounted on each side of the casing offering all round protection. The device projects powerful ultrasonic sound in each direction creating a very intense deterrent effect reaching up to approx. 15m (50ft) from the speakers. The single box design makes it easy to mount centrally in an affected area and it is ideal for protecting larger, open areas where birds land and roost.

Birds have very sharp eyesight, so the top mounted Xenon strobe adds a visual deterrent by using a very fast, very bright flash to momentarily blind the creatures, so creating a sense of vulnerability.

The device runs on 12 volts DC and power can be supplied from a mains adapter similar to a mobile phone charger or optionally from a car or leisure type battery. A 10m power lead allows the device to be situated away from the power source.

If using a battery to power the repeller, then use a 12V car or leisure type, either will work but leisure batteries are more suited to this kind of use, and whilst any size of battery will work, consider using a 50ah or greater capacity, this is particularly important if using a solar charger to keep the battery charged.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Martley Bird Repeller MP6B


W315 x H230 x D235 mm
Lead length
Free standing
Power input
12V DC from a battery or mains adapter
Warranty period
1 Year
1400g excluding power supply


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