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Fixing Mouse Mesh

Glueing or screwing mice control grills

Mouse Mesh grills may be attached over the air brick by using four screws or using Mouse Mesh adhesive.


Attaching Mouse Mesh using adhesive.

Brush off or wash away any dirt, moss or loose brick and allow to dry.

Do not remove hole covers at corners of Mouse Mesh frame.

Apply a continuous bead of adhesive, about 6mm in diameter around the back edge of the frame.

Gently push the frame into place ensuring that the glue is sufficient to bond to the brick around the whole egde.

Leave Mouse Mesh grill undisturbed whilst glue cures - 24 hours will give a cure depth of about 1.5mm.


Glue coverage: One cartridge of Mouse Mesh adhesive will be sufficient for approximately:

12 small Mouse Mesh grills

10 medium Mouse Mesh grills

8 large Mouse Mesh grills

Screwing the Mouse Mesh into place

Use four brass or stainless steel round head screws approx gauge 8 by 1.5 inches.

Remove hole covers at corners of Mouse Mesh by pushing from the back with a small screw driver.

Mark through holes onto brickwork.

Drill out holes with masonary drill.

Push plastic rawlplugs into holes flush with surface of walls.

Attach Mouse Mesh applying reasonable pressure to screws but avoiding over tightening which may damage the grill.

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fixing mouse mesh air brick cover

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