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FM Electronics Driveway Gateway Entrance Alarm

Driveway Gateway Entrance Alarm

Reference: DRALM

Alert & alarm system for drives and entrances. Made in Britain.

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A wireless alarm suitable for a driveway, gateway or other entrance way.

How does it work?

A battery powered weatherproof detector is placed by the drive or entrance, when a vehicle or person passes by the detector, it sends a signal to a receiver which then makes a sound to alert you of a visitor to your property.

How is the detector triggered?

The detector uses a PIR, the beams from the PIR can be a single, long & thin (corridor) type reaching up to 25m (82 feet), or multiple beams spreading out over 90 degrees and reaching up to 15m (50 feet).

How many detectors can I use?

Up to 32 detectors can be used with one receiver/sounder.

See below for more information.

Does the detector need a second part to point the beams at?

No. The beams are open ended, so care should be taken to not point them across a public road or footpath to avoid false triggers.

Will the detector be triggered by animals?

We recommend mounting the detector at around chest height, because the beams shoot out parallel to the ground, animals such as foxes, badgers, cats, dogs etc will pass under them and not cause a false alarm. If the animals are larger, horses, deer, etc, then the detector would need to be mounted in an area where the animals cannot pass through the beams.

How far can the detector be from the receiver?

In clear open space the detector can send a signal up to 500m, however, any trees, walls or other obstacles will have the effect of reducing the distance. Metal structures can have a very detrimental effect on the radio signal from the detector.

How long will the detector batteries last?

It is dependent on how many times the detector is triggered but 'normal' with normal use expect the batteries to last around 1 year.

What if someone tries to remove or damage the detector?

It is possible to hide the detector in different ways, a wooden 'birdbox' like structure or plastic pipe mounted vertically with a hole to allow the beams out are a couple of the most popular. The detector has tamper protection built in to help protect it.

Does the detector have to be fixed in place?

No, it can be fixed to a post, wall or similar as there are mounting holes through the body, but it can also be left free-standing and moved around if required.

Can this system be used as an alarm system?

Whilst the system is excellent for alerting you that someone has entered your premises, if you need more sophistication or flexibility then look at our wireless alarm systems.

FM Electronics Driveway Gateway Entrance Alarm



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