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FM Electronics Fuel Oil Tank Protection System

Fuel Oil Tank Alarm

Reference: FTPK

Fuel oil tank protection system. Made in Britain.

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Be alerted to intruders before they damage your tank and steal your fuel.

How does it work?

One or more battery powered PIRs are placed near or around the oil storage tank - see images. When an intruder approaches the PIR sends a signal to the control panel which then makes a sound to alert you.

What distance does the system work over?

Out of the box the PIRs will transmit a signal up to 500m, this distance will be affected by any obstacles between the PIR and control panel. If a greater distance is required or if the signal is too degraded by obstacles, this can be overcome by using an additional antenna or repeater, giving a superior range.

Can the PIRs be used outdoors?

The PIRs are designed for outdoor use and are fully weatherproof. There is a choice of beams patterns the PIRs use, a corridor beam, which is a long thin beam reaching up to 25m or a horizontal curtain, which features multiple beams reaching up to 15m and arcing at approx. 90 degrees. Both types shoot the beams out parallel to the ground.

Will the PIR be triggered by animals?

We recommend mounting the PIR at approx. chest height, that way, because the detection beams shoot out parallel to the ground, wild animals and pets will pass under them without causing a false alarm. If the animals are larger such as horses or deer, etc, then the PIR would need to be mounted in an area where the animals cannot pass through the beams.

Does the PIR need a second part to point the beams at?

No. The beams are open ended, so care should be taken to not point them across a public road or footpath to avoid false triggers.

How will I know someone is by the tank?

Depending on how it is set, when triggered, the control panel will make a simple chime (bing-bong) noise when in normal daytime mode, or if armed, an alarm noise will be emitted which will continue for 20 minutes or before if stopped. If required, a 115 decibel external sounder box can be wired to the system to alert the intruders to the fact they've been detected. In addition, an auto-dialer (landline or GSM) can be added to make a call(s) to pre-programmed numbers.

What if there is a power cut?

The PIRs have AA type batteries which should last up to 1 year, the control panel has a backup battery giving power for 10-20 hours, so the system will continue to operate during a power outage.

Would it be better to use a level monitor?

A level monitor will only inform you once the tank has possibly been damaged or fuel has already been taken or spilt.

Can this be used as an alarm system?

Yes, in addition to protecting your fuel, more PIRs and other devices such as indoor PIRs, vibration or contact sensors and smoke or heat detectors can be added. The system will support up to 32 devices. It is a proper security system suitable for farms, nurseries, stables, small holdings and other properties that are difficult to protect.

FM Electronics Fuel Oil Tank Protection System



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