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The electric warm air hand dryer has been around for more than 50 years with many types & styles available using automatic, touchless & manual modes of operation. In addition, the hand dryer outer casing is available with a large choice of finish although white and stainless steel tend to be most popular. The number of benefits and reasons to buy a warm air hand dryer are many.


Using electric hand dryers, savings can be massive compared to paper towels when the costs for storing, ordering, refilling dispensers, collection and disposal of waste are taken into account, with up to 90% claimed by some hand dryer manufacturers for the use of hand dryers over paper towels.


Although paper towels can be made from recycled paper, they cannot be recycled and so end up in landfill sites. They are often used very wastefully and so do not provide an efficient method of hand drying, a hand dryer offers a far more efficient alternative. Hand dryers do not require waste management, storage control, frequent servicing or laundry.


A hand dryer offers a hygienic washroom solution, particularly automatic hand dryers as there is far less chance of germs or bacteria being transmitted to the customer or cleaner of the washroom.

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