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Martley MPR10 ElectroMagnetic Rat & Mouse Repellent

MPR10 ElectroMagnetic Rat & Mouse Repeller

Reference: MPR10

Electromagnetic plug in rat & mouse repellent, simply plug in for easy pest control.

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Plug in pest repeller that uses the wiring of your house to create a deterrent effect making it easier to get rid of mice and rats.

The MPR10 uses the electromagnetic field that exists around all electrical wiring in a building to cause discomfort to a rat or mouse.

Unlike an ultrasonic pest repeller which will only work in clear open space and cannot penetrate solid objects such as walls, floors ceilings, etc, the MPR10 can protect all of your house by turning the electrical wiring into a pest deterrent system.

The pulse from the MPR10 creates irritation to the rodents, causing discomfort and encouraging them to leave the property to look for somewhere more comfortable to live.

Easily installed, the MPR10 plugs in to any 3 pin mains socket and provides a warm glow from the built in night light.

Because the effect travels around the wiring, the device does not need to be in the same area as the pests, this means that if the problem is in the roof space, the MPR10 can be plugged in to a socket nearby, it does not necessarily have to go in the loft.

No maintenance is required, simply plug in and the deterrent effect will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all for a very small running cost.

Act now to protect your home.

As the MPR10 utilises wiring which goes around all of your home to sockets, light fittings & switches etc, it is able to create a deterrent effect in all the areas you cannot see, such as wall cavities, floor spaces, loft areas, etc which is often the place a rat or mouse will hide and set up home.

  • One MPR10 will cover up to 2500 sq. ft. (2/3 bedroom house) or plug a one on each level for larger properties.
  • Built in night light.
  • Simple to use, just plug in to 3 pin 230 volt socket.
  • Will not harm any electrical equipment.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Safe with non rodent pets
Martley MPR10 ElectroMagnetic Rat & Mouse Repellent



18th June 2020
Neil M.
No noise from the loft
No noise from the loft since fitted
18th June 2020
P T.
Unwanted mouse/mice
The product has now been in place for a couple of weeks and it appears there have been no unwelcome visitations for a week. I sincerely hope it stays that way! Speedy delivery helpful after an easy to place order.
9th June 2020
Brilliant product
Had a previous electromagnetic device which failed at the beginning of the year. Then started hearing rodent movements in the narrow space between our sloping bedroom roof and the ceiling. Installed the unit in the bedroom and from the first night on no more scuffling and scratching of rodent paws. Subsequently caught a mouse in the adjacent garage. Worth every penny and very prompt delivery.
27th May 2020
Elaine S.
A***** seller
A***** seller
22nd May 2020
Mike J.
MPR10 electromagnetic rat & mouse repellent
Quick and easy ordering, arrived within a couple of days of ordering, seems to have worked straight away
27th February 2020
Sheridan B.
Excellent solution for rodent infestation
Effective solution for mice infestation without having to trap or kill. Especially like the night light and working lights. Highly recommend
8th February 2020
Janey H.
Electro magnetic rat and mouse repellent
Seems to have worked well, it did take around two weeks. We bought 2 for a 3 bedroom house, there was more activity when we first plugged them in. We also used peppermint oil and made sure there was no accessible food or crumbs around...lifted all the compost and rubbish bins up each night. Recommended..
20th January 2020
Howard C.
Rodent Intrusion
I'm sure it wasn't a coincidence but our rodent intrusion ( evidenced by noises only-no vision) stopped within a day of deploying this device.I used a similar device for the same thing some ten years ago which worked so you could say my opinion is this device works well.
13th December 2019
Pat Y.
Great Product
Excellent service product delivered on time. I bought 2 plugs and placed them on each level of the house. We could hear mice running and scratching in the pipes and roof of the conservatory. It took about 7-10 days for the problem to go away. I am very pleased with this product.
25th November 2019
Sally R.
We think they're gone .....
Very pleased with the MPR10s - these, in conjunction with several visits from the "rat man" from Local Authority, seem to have dealt with the problem. Thank you.
16th October 2019
Susan S.
Just what was needed to pest away the mice in our attic, which he had every winter.
12th July 2019
Maria T.
Thanks heavens!
We have neighbours who put food down their sink and had mice in the whole house for a long time. Finally find this repellent and love it. We bought 2 but only needed one. Within 24 hours no more mouse parties going on!! I needed advice regarding my Skinny pigs and it was given happily. I have loaned one of my repellents to a client of mine (I am a dog walker) and she is hoping to get rid of her little visitors and if she is happy then she will buy her own and my neighbour directly below me says he no longer hears them running round so all in all a most amazing item. Thankyou Martley.
19th June 2019
Brian D.
ElectroMagnetic Rat and Mouse Repellent
I was really skeptical it would work but it did! One day I was being driven crazy listening to mice chewing/crawling in the ceiling (they already chewed one wire leading to a light) and when I plugged it in I never heard a sound again! I plugged it into a socket close to where I heard them in the ceiling but I don't know if it made a difference. One thing is the ceiling where the mice were had many wires for 6 spotlights so maybe it was particularly disturbing for them and drove them out. Anyways it was a successful purchase.
30th May 2019
Nathan S.
This product is great, it disturbed the mice instantly and then over the next few days I caught four of them who were clearly living in the walls .... No more since!
30th May 2018
Paul M.
The silence of the rats.
No more little footsteps
9th May 2018
Great quick efficient service .
27th April 2018
Lynn H.
MPR10 Electro-Magentic Rat & Mouse Repellent
No more visitors!
20th March 2018
Paul M.
It's gone quiet
No more little footsteps to be heard
26th November 2014
Sue B.
Great after sales service too!
I had a small problem with this after a few months and emailed early this morning. Within a few hours I received an email offering to send a replacement. Excellent before and after sales service, not only a great product but great service too. Most impressed
11th September 2014
Sue B.
In just over ten days, seem to be mouse free. Delivery was super speedy too. Highly recommended
8th August 2014
Barrie P.
MPR10 ElectroMagnetic Rat & Mouse Repellent - It Works
This cleared the rats out my garage in 24 hours only wish I had got it sooner.
30th June 2014
Gareth D.
So far so good!
Excellent service with next day delivery. Unit was simple to set up and install, and so far we've had no more dancing on the ceiling. Unit is running continuously and the test will be in the autumn when the mice look for shelter before the winter. We live surrounded by fields and woods so it will be interesting to see if the unit remains as effective as it seems to be now. Perhaps an automated update request in 3 months?
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