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Badger Deterrents & Repellers

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Badgers will dig up lawns and gardens looking for their favourite food - earthworms and they can eat up to 200 worms in a single night. They will also dig looking for crane fly or daddy long legs larvae - leatherjackets.

How do I get rid of badgers from the garden?

Whilst it may be feasible to try and eliminate the leatherjackets, the same cannot be said for earthworms so this cannot be considered as a realistic badger deterrent method.

Stopping badgers getting into the garden is the best form of control, however this is not always achievable in which case some way of deterring the creatures is required.

Because badgers are creatures of habit and wary, moving things in the garden and blocking their usual path may have the effect of putting them off.

Which is the 'best badger deterrent' is a commonly asked question and determining this can depend on several factors.

Deterrents take various forms including lights, sound, ultrasonic sound, water and others. Using a water jet repeller may be out of the question if a water source is not available or too far away. Similarly, an area with lots of foliage, vegetation or obstacles would make using an ultrasonic repellent device difficult. So there is not a 'one size fits all' answer, what works for one may not suit another.

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