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Mouse repeller & deterrent devices.

Getting rid of mice once they are established can be difficult, so start sooner rather than later, to get rid of a mouse is easier than getting rid of mice. Prevention is better than cure and if your property has air bricks, they are an open door to mice as a mouse can easily squeeze through an air brick vent hole. The Mouse Mesh air brick cover offers a solution, it covers the air brick with a fine mesh which allows the air brick to work but stops mice getting in.

A common mouse repeller device is the ultrasonic pest repeller, using ultrasonic sound to get rid of a mouse is appealing to many people because it is simple and does not harm or kill the mouse. When using an ultrasonic pest repeller for getting rid of mice, it is important to place the pest repeller so that the speaker on the front has clear space in front as ultrasonic sound is easily blocked or deflected, it will not pass through any objects. If the pest repeller cannot 'see' the mouse, it is unable to work effectively to get rid of the mouse. Ultrasonic devices are usually only suitable for use in one room, for coverage of the house, use a pest repeller in each room.

For getting rid of mice that are out of sight, perhaps in a wall cavity or loft space, an electromagnetic pest repeller will offer a better solution than an ultrasonic unit. The electromagnetic pest repeller uses the electromagnetic field that exists around all electrical wiring to cause discomfort to the mice, encouraging them to leave.

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