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Pest Stop 2000 FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about Pest Stop 2000:

What pests does the Pest Stop 2000 repel?

It is effective against mice, rats and many crawling insects. It repels pests living inside walls, ceilings, attics and other places near electric cables.
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How long does Pest Stop 2000 take to work?

In about 80% of cases you will notice a change in pest behaviour after 3-5 days. Some infestations are cleared within a few days, but in a few cases it can take considerably longer.
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Does Pest Stop stop pests from getting in?

No. But it creates an environment that will prevent them from nesting in their preferred locations. If they can't find a place to nest, they will leave.
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What about flies?

Ultrasound will have some effect on flies but, for the best results use Pest Stop Flying Insect Trap as seen on our Insect Pest Control webpage.
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Can I use Pest Stop 2000 to get rid of bats?

In many countries bats are a protected species. Pest Stop 2000 should not be used to repel any protected species.
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Does Pest Stop work 100% of the time?

No. But would you settle for 99.5%? Our records show that less than 0.5% of the units sold are returned as faulty or because the customer was dis-satisfied.
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What areas of my house will be covered?

Pest Stop 2000 runs a signal about 2 metres wide centered on every electric cable in your house, up to a maximum 2000 sq.ft (186 sq. m). This signal is detected by mice and many insects as an irritating, itching sensation which they find unbearable. This signal works inside walls, ceilings and everywhere there are electric cables. The second signal (ultrasound) concentrates on the room where the unit is placed. The two signals combine to cover up to 90% of the total area where pests can make nests.
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What about the other 10% of places where pests can hide?

There may be a few areas where pests are not directly affected by Pest Stop 2000 (e.g. under a sink or beneath some kitchen presses). Because pests roam around looking for food, Pest Stop 2000 will either drive them away or limit their activity to a small well defined area where they may be caught in traps.
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So, do I still need to use traps?

No, but because Pest Stop 2000 disorientates pests they can become very easy to catch in traps. Pest Stop 2000 is the single most effective solution but it works even better if combined with traps. We recommend Little Nipper traps or if you prefer a live trap we suggest Trip Trap as seen on our Rodent Pest Control webpage.
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Should I be able to hear a noise from Pest Stop 2000?

Only when it is set to the 'Mosquito' setting. However, a small number of people are sensitive to the ultrasound frequency and my hear a 'humming' noise. If this is uncomfortable, either switch the ultrasound feature off or simply relocate the unit to another room.
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So I'll never have another pest problem then?

If only life were that simple! We don't claim that pests will not visit your home from time to time. We don't even claim that in absolutely 100% of cases using Pest Stop 2000 will get them out in double time. However, we confidently claim that our products are cleaner, safer, more environmentally friendly and more effective than traditional pest control methods.
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Can I use Pest Stop 2000 on holidays?

It may be used with a travel adapter in countries with 230V supply but should not be used with 110V supply even with an adapter.
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Is there a warranty with the product?

Pest Stop 2000 is covered by a 2 year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects.
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