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Rat Zapper FAQ

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Q. How does the Rat Zapper work?

A. The Rat Zapper has a plastic body with a metal floor comprising of two plates. When the creature goes in and steps across the plates, it is electrocuted quickly and cleanly

Q. Why would a rat or mouse go into the Rat Zapper?

A. To get the bait you have placed at the far end.

Q. Does the Rat Zapper only kill rats?

A. No. The Rat Zapper kills rats and mice humanely with minimum fuss and mess.

Q. How do I know the Rat Zapper has made a kill?

A. There is a red LED on the top that flashes when the Rat Zapper has been triggered.

Q. What if I have the Rat Zapper in a place where I can't see the LED?

A. Use the Rat Tale indicator. It has a 12 ft (4m approx) cable.

Q. I wouldn't want to see or touch a dead rat or mouse.

A. You don't have to, simply pick up the Rat Zapper and empty the carcass away.

Q. Can I use the Rat Zapper outdoors?

A. Yes it can. However if the moisture intrudes into your Rat Zapper it can damage the electronics or “trip” the circuit so that you will not be successful in eradicating the intended rodents.

The best solution for continuous use outdoors is to use a PVC tube that is approx. 6 inches (150mm) in diameter and approximately 18 inches (450mm) in length. Use a cap on one end of the PVC tube. Place the Rat Zapper in the tube so that the back end of the Rat Zapper is toward the capped end of the PVC tube.

Place the PVC tube containing the Rat Zapper in a location of suspected rodent activity and secure the tube so that it will not roll or rock when the rodent enters the tube or Rat Zapper. Rodents do not want to enter anything that does not provide stable footing.

Another temporary solution for the outdoor use of the Rat Zapper is to place the unit under a weather-proofed tarp or cover, or you can place the unit in a plastic freezer bag that completely covers the Rat Zapper except for the entry. Use a rubber band to secure the plastic bag to the Rat Zapper.

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