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SolarGo2 Wall Mounted Solar Security Light

Reference: WL003

Powerful, stylish wall mounted solar security light. PIR activated 2000 lumens output and 60 or 120 lumens night light feature. Supplied with remote control.

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A stylish & powerful solar security light, the WL003 from SolarGo2 featuring a gunmetal grey aluminium body and strong UV resilient plastic.

A quality product that produces enough light to rival most mains powered security lights but with far simpler installation.

When the PIR senses motion, the WL003 emits 2000 lumens of light and then reverts to a lower level dependent on which mode has been selected.

Using 'Timer mode' allows the light to stay on for up to 20 minutes before dropping back to the pre-set level of either 60 or 120 lumens.

The remote control supplied with the light makes changing the three working modes very simple, they can also be changed by button presses on the light itself.

This brilliant light also has the wonderful ASL2.1 Technology and TCS technology built in**.

Dimensions: 20cm(H) x 19cm(W) x 37cm (D).

Weight: 950g.

Mode 1
Security light giving 60 lumens until the PIR senses movement. Then 2000 lumens output for 10 seconds before reverting to 60 lumens unless motion is sensed again during this time.

Mode 2
Security light giving 120 lumens until the PIR senses movement. Then 2000 lumens output for 10 seconds before returning to the 120 lumens setting unless motion is sensed again during this time.

Mode 3
The light gives 200 lumens for 5 hours before dropping to 40 lumens. PIR activation still give 2000 lumens.

The Solar Go2 WL003 is ideal for placing close to entrances walkways, along walls/fences, gardens, garage entrances, small work sites and many other places that would benefit from lighting.

Please note: To get the very best from any solar light the solar panel should have full view of the sky and at least some direct sunlight during the day.

Explanation of Terms.

Lumens are a measure of light output, higher figures mean brighter light. Typically, traditional garden solar lights give out less than 10 lumens.

ASL2.1 Technology Gives the ability to preserve its power and slightly dim the main output power when it detects the energy of the Li-ion battery (built into the unit) is starting to run low. Gives extra days with a working light even when the weather conditions are working against a solar powered system. This technology offers up to 270% more working time over similar solar products.

TCS Technology Protects the internal battery from the high and low extremes in temperature. This in turn extends the life of the battery.

Solar Wall Light WL003



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