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SolarGo2 Solar Wall Light WL007

Solar Wall Light WL007

Reference: WL007

Small easily fixed wall mounted solar light giving high level of light output. Three working modes with automatic On/Off make this a brilliant great value light

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Don't be fooled by the modest size of this lamp, it is an outstanding performer.

With an amazing 1000 lumens output, its talent really shines through.

Easily installed with the supplied screws or zip ties, this lamp will be lighting the darkness in no time.

Works automatically, switching on at dusk and off at dawn.

45 degree adjustment up & down and IP65 rating.

The WL007 has three working modes, each easily selected with a button press.

Mode 1 - Security light that remains off until the PIR senses movement, whereupon the full 1000 lumens output is turned on for 10 seconds before turning off again (unless it registers another movement during this time).

Mode 2 - Security light giving around 40 lumens of light until the PIR senses movement. It then turns on the full 1000 lumens output for 10 seconds before switching back to 40 lumens output (unless it registers another movement during this time).

Mode 3 - Simple 'night light' function giving a steady 20 lumens light all night long.

Ideal for placing near entrance ways & doors, walkways, pathways driveways, garages, gardens & patio areas, the possibilities limitless.

Dimensions: 90mm(H) x 80mm(W) x 55mm(D).

ASL2.1 Technology built in.

One year warranty.

As with all solar products, to get the very best from this light, the solar panel on the top should be facing the sky and not shaded all day.

Explanation of Terms.

Lumens are a measure of light output, higher figures mean brighter light. Typically, traditional garden solar lights give out less than 10 lumens.

ASL2.1 Technology Gives the ability to preserve its power and slightly dim the main output power when it detects the energy of the Li-ion battery (built into the unit) is starting to run low. Gives extra days with a working light even when the weather conditions are working against a solar powered system. This technology offers up to 270% more working time over similar solar products.

TCS Technology Protects the internal battery from the high and low extremes in temperature. This in turn extends the life of the battery.

IP Rating A measure of resistance to water and dust ingress.

SolarGo2 Solar Wall Light WL007



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